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Semper Fi For Our Guy, Dennis Whitecotton


My beloved brother and brave marine veteran is fighting the battle of his life and he needs your help with travel expenses so he can make the three separate 22-hour drive both ways to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota from Boise Idaho. My brother is a wonderful, caring person. He's a generous person. Dennis is a humble guy. He's a loving husband. A great dad to Austin, Hunter and Connor. He enjoys  coaching football and has made an impact in so many lives. Our sweet guy and Marine veteran has pancreatic cancer, and has been fighting hard for his life. The Whipple procedure is the only  treatment that will save his life and there has been one complication after another, and after a near-death episode in which he almost bled to death, his case was referred to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. It is 22 hours one way, from Boise Idaho to his consultations with his cancer team and though his condition is holding steady, the driving takes its toll on him and my sister-in-law Michelle who must handle all of his travel, all of the lodging, while working full-time. I'm asking for $2000.00, the amount needed for two round trip tickets from Boise to Minnesota. Please help us get him there. Any donation is appreciated. Thank you

May 27, 2022

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