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LITTLE LeA Emergency Surgery


Last year 3 little kittens showed up in our yard. We already rescued 4 cats and are not able to take them in. So we focused on providing food and shelter for our  "Thundercats" outside. They made it through the harsh winter. The orange one my daughter named Leo was getting very close to us. Letting us pet him sometimes and even purring. Leo often tried to come in..so he looked like a good candidate for adoption.  A neighbor was interested so we started the process of getting Leo used to more people. Everything seemed to be moving along smoothly until yesterday 4/28. He refused to eat and would not move.. We were able to get him into a cat crate and to the vet. This is when I learned LEO is a LEA! She is struggling with a very high fever and her female organs were infected! The next step is emergency surgery. Due to her poor condition and the trauma of putting a feral cat in a cage and examination we can't get her to one of the many organizations that help feral cats. We are hoping to raise fund to cover her surgery and other medical expenses.  Leo...I mean Lea is a very special kitty any donations will be so very appreciated ???? 

April 29, 2022

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